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Hi, I'm Kabeer! 

I'm a Product Designer and Strategist focused on inclusive design for emerging technologies.

My work exists at the intersection of data, design and community.
Previously at
& Amadeus ✈️
Based in the Bay Area 🌇

Hi, I'm Kabeer! 

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Hi, I'm Kabeer! 

I'm a Product Designer & Storyteller, and here is my story... 
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I grew up in Kashmir, a place where political conflict and picturesque landscapes dance in a delicate balance

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At 21, a 3-month internet and phone blackout due to political tensions showed me the reality of technical inaccessibility

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I learned to do a lot from very little, making the most of what I had, and this influenced my work and studies

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My journey highlights the ability to thrive in uncertainty and design great products despite fundamental constraints


Featured Work


Product Design

0 - 1 MVP



Elevating Payment Reporting and Reconciliation Experience

Enhanced the payments search and download experience with a low-cost solution and identified a previously undiscovered pain point, subsequently crafting its MVP and future vision.


Product Design

Visual Design

B2B SaaS

Design System

Efficient Itinerary Rebooking:
Enhancing Air Canada Call Center Workflow

Designing a flow to enable Air Canada call center agents to rebook an itinerary in a quick and efficient way.

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Design for Social Impact

App Design

User Research

Empowering Artisans: Preserving Craft & Community

Designing a platform to recognize and empower the marginalized artisan community of Kashmir while preserving their endangered crafts.


Speculative Design

Material Testing


Envisioning the Invisible:
Decoding Data Capitalism

A speculative design for an XR headset that provides an alternative to today’s economy of surveillance capitalism by giving users control over personal data commodification.

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Data Visualization

Analytics Dashboard

Automated User-Centric Analytics:
Enhancing Performance Metrics

Developed an automated performance data capture library for Air Canada, populating real-time customer interaction insights into the analytics dashboard.


User-Centric Analytics

Kabeer developed the MVP and long-term vision for streamlining the overall reporting and reconciliation workflow on RippleNet. His innovative solutions minimized manual efforts, optimized customer support, and amplified scalability.

By elevating this critical payments experience, his work stands to benefit thousands of users across dozens of countries.

Beyond his technical skills, Kabeer impressed me with his agility, communication, and teamwork. He quickly grasped complex reconciliation nuances and incorporated them into thoughtful designs. 

Chandler Fang

Product @ Ripple

With ❤️ - Kabeer Andrabi

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