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kabeer andrabi.

product designer | technologist | storyteller
I grew up shadowing my mother's work as a Chief Designer of Handicrafts and navigating life amidst constant lockdowns and communication blackouts, where I learned resourcefulness and design as a way of life.

Now, this philosophy drives me to craft products and tools that truly make a difference.

Product Design, Strategy, Visual Design, C-Suite Presentation

Ripple's Payment Innovation

Improved payment search and download, and introduced a dashboard for automated reporting and reconciliation.

Impact: Cut down operation time by around 80%


Passion Project, Research, Conversational AI, Design, Development


Developed an AI-powered 3D marketplace, connecting traditional Kashmiri artisans with the contemporary design world.

Impact: Empowering 178 artisans with a global market and tech.


Data Visualization, Dashboard Development, User Analytics

Air Canada Performance Analytics

Developed an automated performance data library for Air Canada, offering real-time customer insights for an analytics dashboard.

Impact: Enhanced site monitoring through intuitive data visualization.


UX Design, Research, B2B SaaS, Visual Design, Design System

Amadeus's Call Center Transformation

Redesigned the airline call center experience for faster customer service and uncovered a new user research channel.

Impact: Reduced agent handling time by 10 minutes 


XR Design, Speculative Design, 3D Printing, Video Production

Decoding Data Capitalism

Designed a speculative XR headset to challenge surveillance capitalism and created an immersive experience for 120 attendees.

Impact: Raised awareness about data privacy and security.


VR Design, Product Management, Video Production

M.I.T Media Lab XR Hackathon

Developed Failtopia, a multiplayer experience encouraging students to share failures, learn collaboratively, and grow.

Impact: Won the Grand Prize, securing 1st place out of 70 teams.

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