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my story.

Identifying Untapped Opportunities | Cross-functional Collaboration | End-to-End Execution

Design is in my blood.


I grew up shadowing my mother's work as a Chief Designer of Handicrafts and navigating life in the politically unstable state of Kashmir, where I learned resourcefulness and design as a way of life.

This philosophy permeated my education as an engineer and designer at UC Berkeley and also my professional experiences at Ripple and Amadeus.

Through these diverse experiences, I've honed my skills as a designer who not only understands emerging technology and business but also excels in creating bridges across cultural, technological, and business teams.  My approach centers on:


  • Identifying untapped opportunities within existing products that can drive value for users and the business.

  • Building strong relationships with clients and cross-functional teammates to deeply understand their needs and size opportunities in terms of business impact and revenue potential.

  • Executing the vision from ideation to implementation using minimal resources.

This is my story of how my design approach has evolved (hover to read more).

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I am a son of a designer who grew up in Kashmir, a place where political conflict is set against a backdrop of striking beauty.

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At 21, I experienced a  3-month internet and phone blackout due to political tensions. Experiences like these taught me the value of learning in times of inaccessibility and how to do a lot from very little. 

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I learned to use design as a medium to understand people and create great solutions with what's at hand. 

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Across my professional career, design has been about asking the right questions to find the real problem and designing eloquent solutions for it with very few resources. 


life outside work.


In the summer of 2023, I volunteered with Stephen & Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to build a new playspace and community garden for the Bay Area community. The project, which provides a space to stay active, build social bonds, and bring the community together, stands to benefit over 100 Oakland youth and their families for years to come.

I volunteered at an internationally recognized NGO called Make a Difference (MAD) for 3 years.


I worked towards designing the curriculum, activities, and learning resources for a batch of 80 high school students. In addition, I also led career counseling sessions and managed a team of 30 volunteers.  


One of my major contributions involved strategizing and designing a channel for students to realize their dreams and providing them with a holistic development experience through inbound and outbound training sessions.


Kabeer developed the MVP and long-term vision for streamlining the overall reporting and reconciliation workflow on RippleNet. His innovative solutions minimized manual efforts, optimized customer support, and amplified scalability.

By elevating this critical payments experience, his work stands to benefit thousands of users across dozens of countries. Beyond his technical skills, Kabeer impressed me with his agility, communication, and teamwork. He quickly grasped complex reconciliation nuances and incorporated them into thoughtful designs. 

Chandler Fang

Product @ Ripple

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