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A platform that blends traditional designs with modern users, allowing them to customize everyday products through 3D visualization and direct communication with artisans. 

An iOS application featuring a 3D visualization tool for merging products with traditional craft styles.


Passion Project for Social Impact


4 Months (August - November 2023)




Design & Research

  • Need Finding, On-site research, Interviews, Workshops with artisans, Market Analysis 

  • Idea conceptualization, Prototyping, Visual Design, Exhibition Design


  • Differential Image Parametization using Neural Network

  • XCode (Swift)

Visiting 12 craft villages across Kashmir for research

From a young age, I had the privilege of shadowing my mother, the Chief Designer of Handicrafts in Kashmir, exploring the intricate world of Pashmina shawls and Papier Mâché craftsmanship.

Talking to over 40 artisans, 5 Kashmiri craft designers and local government officials

After two months of interviews, on-ground and secondary research, I identified the two primary challenges facing the industry:

Awareness and Accessibility

Products they make are not relevant or not seen by modern user


Middlemen involvement cuts heavily into artisan profits

Carpet copy.jpeg

$240 Billion

Market for home-furnished goods in USA alone


Registered Artisans only in Kashmir 

With 3 pivots, 4 critique presentations, and 91 intense days of design and development, I created:

your vision, our craftsmanship

Overview of the design process

My creative process involved rapidly prototyping ideas, gathering feedback, and making continuous improvements, facilitating clearer communication, and acquiring valuable feedback and insights. (click to zoom in)

Part 1: Designing for Artisans

The artisan side of WeaveWorks is an app tailored to their needs, with a strong focus on accessibility. 

Meet Hasan! A local artisans looking to create his own online identity 

Key Features